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About Us

About The Photobooth

  • We maintain state of the art technology and equipment which keeps us ahead of this growing industry.
  • Our booths are designed with elegance in mind with custom accent lighting to compliment your setting.
  • The design itself provides enough space for a seated couple or large groups while being small enough to fit in any ballroom or onboard a harbor cruise.
  • Our unique portable design also allows us access to any venue where other types of booths are restricted.
  • There is literally no location we cannot access.


  • adv Because we are an established photobooth company we enjoy the benefit of being recommended or preferred vendors by many venues and wedding companies.
  • adv In addition, we are closely affiliated with several DJ companies, venues, and wedding networking groups.
  • adv Several of these companies have exclusive package options with us and we encourage you to look into their services because they share the same high standards as Photobooth Favors.
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